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Information system Product regulation. portal REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS; Harmonized standards database ; CSN Terminology database; Určen normy; Your location: Harmonized standards databaseHarmonized standards - for all products Database of harmonized standards. EN 61230:2008 (IEC 61230:2008) Live working - Portable equipment for earthing or earthing and short-circuiting. Since the PV array and other electrical equipment in PV system, e.g., inverters, are often located remotely from one another, 690.43(B) requires that an equipment grounding conductor (EGC) be run from the array to other associated equipment. Section 690.43(C) permits the support structure of a PV array to be used as an EGC provided that it has been either, 1) listed for equipment grounding or

Electrical safety for high resistance grounding systems

HRG stands for high resistance grounding – an electrical supply system that is used frequently in applications that cannot afford a shutdown, or that must control ground-fault voltage on driven equipment. When a ground fault occurs, ground-fault current will flow as in a solidly grounded system, but its magnitude is severely restricted (to a few Amperes, typically 10 or less) by a neutral

IEC 61230:2008 is applicable to portable equipment, with or without matching connection points, for temporary earthing or earthing and short-circuiting of electrically isolated or de-energized a.c. and d.c. installations, distribution and transmission networks, whether they are overhead or underground or of low or high voltage. This standard covers equipment comprising an earthing or a short

cable or flexible bonding strap for static grounds on portable or movable equipment. Install at least two separate braided cables or flexible bonding straps on portable or movable equipment such as doors, hinged shelves, or tables. Conductors are typically uninsulated. Apply bonding for other facilities in accordance with NFPA 70 and NFPA 780

Portable Earthing Equipment are safety equipment designed for discharging grounding of dead equipment. The system is designed for high fault levels so that even if during shut downs, when technicians are on the job, by mistake if the supply is switched ON, the Portable Earthing Equipment saves human life as well as equipment under maintenance.

Example sentences with portable equipment, translation memory. add example. en 4.2 The joint undertaking's overall objective for the next five years is to speed up the development of fuel cells and hydrogen so that these technologies can be brought to the commercial stage and introduced into specific new markets (portable equipment, portable generators, domestic applications for combined pow


Portable Earthing Equipment from DEHN have a variety of options for the clamps to suit any need or application. DEHN manufacture only the highest quality Ball and Pin joints and clamps, Overhead Clamps, G-clamps, Universal clamps and many others. This may seem overwhelming and daunting so just tell us your fault current, and what you are using the PED for, and we'll do the rest. It is that

Earthing system creates conditions for normal operation of gantry crane and personal safety, thus avoiding electric shock and other dangers. A ring earthing system shall be provided on the gantry crane. Each and every electrical equipment shall be connected to this earthing at least at two points. It shall conform to general specification for earth

PORTABLE EARTHING AND SHORTING LEADS FOR USE IN SUBSTATIONS, POWER STATIONS AND ON OVERHEAD LINES Earths, Field Equipment Earths, LV Portable Shorting Devices, Rack Earths and Capacitor Short-Circuiting Leads when working in substations and on overhead lines. The application, inspection and storage of Portable Earths is covered in OPSAF-11-009 (MSP 1.7). 2.

23.07.2012A majority of our equipment is housed in Steel ISO containers, when used on Vessels we have no issues with Earthing or Supplies. My problem concerns the use of the smaller Dive Controls transported and sometimes left on the back of a 7.5 Ton Truck, and those that are landed onto the ground. This 'Ground' can be concrete or soil. The 'Dive Control' will contain lighting, sockets, a heater

Microflocker™ - Portable Mains System. Price 695.00. Product Code. EM/FBASICKIT. Description. Microflocker™ - Mains Operated, Portable Flock Spraying Equipment The Microflocker™ is our mid level product with a range of output voltage settings creating a light weight and portable unit that is capable of satisfying a wide variety of low to medium volume external surface flocking

Aircraft electrical system bonding or grounding procedures and precautions; Bonding jumpers should not interfere with surface controls; Bonding and grounding connections are normally made to flat surfaces by means of through-bolts or screws. Grounding or bonding jumpers can be removed or added to the shank of the stud without removing the stud from the structure. Bonding and grounding

potential; also referred to as "earthing." Grounding Conductor—A conductor used to connect equipment or the grounded circuit of a wiring system to a grounding electrode or electrodes [ground rod(s) or metal water pipe]. Ground Rod—A metal rod, typically copper, not less than eight feet in length and 1/2 inch in diameter, driven into the earth such that at least eight feet of length is

5-6 Equipment Layers of Protection. 7 Grounding Bonding applications. 8-9 Grounding a road tanker with system interlocks and indication. Earth-Rite RTR™. 10-11 Truck mounted static ground verification with system interlocks and indication. Earth-Rite MGV. 12-13 Grounding railcars, IBC's and drums with system interlocks and indication.

NR/L3/ELP/29987/MOD10 ISSUE 5

The requirements for assembly, maintenance and care of voltage testing devices, portable earthing equipment and temporary continuity jumpers are stated in Network Rail standard NR/L3/ELP/27237. It is applicable to Network Rail personnel and to Network Rail's contractors. To provide a consistent approach to working on or about 25 kV a.c. electrified lines, Train Operating Companies may, as best

Earthing System For Movable Equipment. How lightning protection systems work . Lightning protection systems are the modern Components of a lightning protection system. Lightning rods or 'air heavy rods buried deep into the earth . Get Price ; Portable Earthing Short Circuiting Systems . Portable Earthing Short Circuiting Systems Portable Earthing, Earth End Clamps, Line End Clamps Lines

When we use subsea production system to explore deep-water oil fields, the exploration mode depends on whether there are surrounding facilities or we are in an independent development mode. No matter which solution is adopted, we can choose different solutions for combinations of equipment. 1. Equipment combination schemes. Here several proposed equipment combinations refer to the

Earthing of high voltage conductors with earthing lances Earthing and short-circuiting is a major element in a series of safety rules for work on or in the vicinity of electrical installations. In substations, earthing lances form the short circuit-proof connection between high voltage conductor (bus bar or other types of conductor) and the earthing system.

IEC 61230 Ed. 2.0 b:2008 Live working - Portable equipment for earthing or earthing and short-circuiting IEC 61230:2008 is applicable to portable equipment, with or without matching connection points, for temporary earthing or earthing and short-circuiting of electrically isolated or de-energized a.c. and d.c. installations, distribution and transmission networks, whether they are overhead or

system; demonstrate knowledge of earthing requirements in the electricity supply system; demonstrate the use of a voltage detection device; apply and remove the earths from conductors, plant and equipment on the electricity supply network; and report work done on applying and removing earths from conductors, plant, and equipment. Classification Electricity Supply Electricity Supply - Core

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